Over The Top Miracle Swing

Seven Sacred Steps


I'm actually headed out early... because I get it, It's just easy.


I'd say I picked up 50 - 60 yards with my driver, easily.


No pain, I can swing with no pain, this is a game changer.

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Sacred Step Video #1: A Simple Set Up


  • Rock Solid Set Up: Achieve a consistent and dependable set-up every time, reducing uncertainty in your game.

  • Framework for Leverage: Create a foundation that maximizes your swing's power potential.

  • Well-Timed Waggle: Relax and establish a rhythmic tempo with a pre-shot routine.


  • Rock Solid Set Up: Achieve a consistent and dependable set-up every time, reducing uncertainty in your game.

  • Framework for Leverage: Create a foundation that maximizes your swing's power potential.

  • Well-Timed Waggle: Relax and establish a rhythmic tempo with a pre-shot routine.

Sacred Step Video #2: The Deep Takeaway


  • Good Connection: Initiate each swing consistently and build a solid connection from the outset.

  • Consistent Start: Begin your swings the same way every time, creating a reliable foundation.

  • Baby Rocking Feel: Smoothly and gently initiate your takeaway, avoiding jerky movements.


  • Work with Gravity: Utilize gravity to your advantage, promoting a smoother, more controlled swing.

  • Momentum Build: Gradually gain momentum, eliminating abrupt club movements.

  • Consistent Patterns: Develop reliable patterns with each club in your bag.

Sacred Step Video #3: The Power Shift


  • Maximum Coil: Achieve a powerful coil in your backswing to enhance your swing's power potential.

  • Timed Weight Shift: Master the art of timing a perfect weight shift, maximizing your swing's efficiency.

  • Swing Slack Reduction: Eliminate any unnecessary slack in your swing for a more direct and powerful hit.


  • Natural Wind-Up: Feel a natural wind-up that generates more power and control.

  • Throwing Hand Analogy: Load your throwing hand as if preparing to throw a ball, enhancing your swing's dynamics.

  • Smooth Transition: Ensure a smooth transition from backswing to downswing.

Sacred Step Video #4: The Miracle Move


  • Over the Top Confidence: Execute the over-the-top move with confidence, a key to consistency and power.

  • Early Extension Control: Learn to avoid early extension, improving your swing's mechanics.

  • Smooth Transition Mastery: Develop the skills to create a smooth transition between swing phases.


  • Maximum Power and Leverage: Attain maximum power and leverage for longer and more accurate shots.

  • Ground Force Reaction: Maximize the reaction with the ground for improved stability and power.

  • Casting Prevention: Stop casting and premature acceleration for a smoother, more controlled swing.

Sacred Step Video #5: Perfect Impact


  • Consistent Contact: Achieve reliable and consistent ball contact shot after shot, reducing mishits.

  • Uniform Door Slam: Ensure that you close the door on your swing in the same way every time, creating a dependable follow-through.

  • Ultimate Trust: Develop unwavering trust in your swing's ability to deliver results.


  • Swing Through the Ball: Learn to swing through the ball rather than just at it, improving the quality of your impact.

  • Effortless Ball Compression: Easily compress the ball, enhancing distance and control.

  • Forward Shaft Lean: Maintain the correct impact alignments for more precise and accurate shots.

Sacred Step Video #6: Turning the Corner


  • Controlled Low Left Swing: Master a controlled, low left swing path, optimizing accuracy and control.

  • Rounded Swing: Learn to round out your swing, ensuring a fluid and well-balanced motion.

  • Shoulder Alignment: Keep your shoulders on the correct path for a more consistent and reliable performance.


  • Post-Impact Acceleration: Continue your acceleration post-impact for more power and control.

  • Perfect Swing Arc: Maintain a perfect swing arc, reducing errors and promoting a smoother swing.

  • Eliminate Flip and Roll Release: Say goodbye to the dreaded flip and roll release for more controlled shots.

Sacred Step Video #7: Free Finish


  • Full Weight Transfer: Transfer your weight fully to your lead leg, enhancing balance and control.

  • Balanced Landing: Learn to land in perfect balance, promoting a graceful and effective finish.

  • Pain-Free Finish: Enjoy a pain-free and comfortable finish to your swing, reducing the risk of strain or injury.


  • Miss Elimination: Witness your misses disappear as your balanced and controlled finish leads to improved accuracy.

  • Complete Trust: Feel complete trust in your swing, allowing you to approach every shot with confidence.

  • Ultimate Control: Experience the ultimate control over your golf game, from start to finish.

BONUS #1 Miracle Swing Introduction

Sacred Steps Foundation - Intro Video


  • Historic Discovery: Dive into Christo's groundbreaking discovery that is revolutionizing the world of golf.

  • Original Champion's Golf Swing: Gain an insightful overview of the Original Champion's Golf Swing.

  • Classic Swing Insights: Listen to timeless wisdom from golf legends like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.


  • Modern Golf Insights: Understand the critical turning points in modern golf instruction and where it may have gone astray.

  • Simplified Golf Secrets: Unlock the hidden secrets of the simplest swing in golf, enhancing your game.

  • Thought-Free Swing: Bid farewell to overwhelming swing thoughts, experiencing a more intuitive and enjoyable golfing journey.

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  • Exclusive QR Codes: Instant access to instructional videos for personalized practice.

  • Crystal-Clear Demonstrations: Visual clarity for precise technique improvement.


  • Flawless Golf Swing: Unlock the secrets to a flawless golf swing.

  • Customized Practice: Tailor your practice for faster progress.

  • Enhanced Learning: Gain clarity for precise swing improvement.


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I'm actually headed out early... because I get it, It's just easy.


I'd say I picked up 50 - 60 yards with my driver, easily.


No pain, I can swing with no pain, this is a game changer.

It's easier on the body, and the most powerful way to hit golf shots. To date, Christo has received thousands of thank you messages from all around the world for his work to bring this timeless swing back into the game.

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Thanks to you Christo!


More power with less effort!


It feels so natural!


See What Other Miracle Swingers Are Saying

David Medlin

I hit balls into my net today and tried the OTT Miracle Swing for the first time... I couldn't believe it.. how solid I was hitting the ball. Thank you so much for having the courage to share this with your audience. You're a pioneer and a great guy.

Barry Gaudry

The OTT Miracle Swing video is so good!

Tiger Gomes

Hey! I’ve been playing golf for 30 years, I’m 37 now (yes been playing since I was 7). I’m a former collegiate golfer and I tried the OTT miracle swing after watching your videos and MAN AM I IMPRESSED! I am crushing the ball, straight and long.

Josh Bugai

Hey Christo, I wanted to take the time to write to you. I've been following your content for some years now and I've been a fan the whole time. When you started your journey with the OTT swing my curiosity was definitely peeked. I watched every video closely and listened to every word carefully. To the point where I abandoned all prior swing thoughts and took the OTT Miracle Swing to the course with no range work. This was my first round of 18 holes for this season for me. This was the soonest the weather and my job would allow for me to get out and play. I shot a 79...first round of the year!! I'm beyond sold! Thank you so much for all the work you do! Look forward to meeting you someday!

Joe Thomason

Bought the video and have been trying it. Usually have to experiment a little to get the right feel of how much in and how much up and what that feels like. But once I get that aha moment of getting it right it starts flying terrific! Thanks for all the info

Tony Foreman

Dear Christo. Holy mother of pearl! I used to be a very good golfer. Somewhere along the way I started doing the inside out downswing crap and all I did was flip and extend and lose 20 percent distance. I didn't think I could ever hit a straight ball or baby cut again. I did not know how I used to have a beautiful divot down the line and was a great iron player. I am now 66 and still in great shape. Well guess what. I have been following you for some time now and your over the top info is EXACTLY how I used to swing the club. I went out the last night and played eight flawless holes as I used to frequently. It was so easy I joked to my wife I had to find something else to do. Guess what? My distance was back. 458 yard hole used driver and six iron. I'll be subscribing to your channel as this is as cheap of a lesson you can get. You couldn't be more correct in your analysis of OTT miracle swing. Thanks for getting me back.

Mr Smartypants

I was a tournament winning junior golf machine. I lived golf from age 5 to 16. Played 5 days a week. Hit a 1000 balls a week. Had an excellent teacher who coached 2 Majors winners when they were juniors. I gave up golf completely at 19. I loved university life and took my degrees very seriously. So I’d only play golf maybe once a month. I’d play so bad that golf became a hated thing. It wasn’t enjoyable at all. Came off the course mad. So gave it up and later enjoyed many awesome activities(whitewater kayaking, alpine skiing, hunting and fishing, downhill mountain biking.... ). An Asian buddy I work with wanted to take up golf so I said I’d help him. Well he sucked me back into this miserable highly addictive sport 😂 . I have never met anyone who enjoys the game as much as him. He can now shoot par or ballon to 85 on any given day. When he scores bad he is still totally happy and just goes on and on about what he’s going to work on the next day. I admire that. But that’s not me. I have never come close to golfing like I did during my free wheeling Junior days. And it drove me nuts. I followed all the advice of the “modern teaching” techniques and it has f’d me big time. It’s only since I discovered Christo that my swing is returning to some of its old magic. He is the only guy teaching this stuff. He’s the only guy methodically analyzing the old greats and the modern young golfers in a coherent way.

Shaun Schotz

Dude!! That over the top stuff is ridiculous! I was very sceptical at first and ones I got into it... wow!! I have literally never compressed a golf ball like that! Feel like a kid again!

Really excited!


Cristo I found some good video from the Masters....round 1 Jordan Speith....watch his practice swing before his actual tee shot on 18. He does an OTT move in his preshot routine as if he is trying to move more down the line from an inside top position which is the opposite was I learned (Fred Couples/Davis Love III drop from the top). I have been playing since I was 3 years old and have never tried to swing this way....I can't wait to get to the range as this should fix the "rights" that I get especially when I played on the Hooters and Canadian Tours under pressure. I wish I had this knowledge when I was in high school and college as I might have made it on the big tour. Thank you for all you do and for the game of golf. I'll keep you posted on my progress...all I can say at this point is I was hitting practice balls in the backyard last week and smashed one off the stick so I am intrigued at the
accuracy and freedom it allows me in the hitting area. Great stuff brother!!!!

Brian Kibby

Fist time out(no range time) with the OTT swing. I played 11 holes... It was crazy successful!!!! My last four drivers 310, 276(slight uphill), 304 (slight downhill), and 261 (big uphill). I’ve never hit the ball like that. I had four birdie attempts in a row. The greens were recently aerated, so i wasn’t very good with my putter.

Thanks for sharing your golf journey!


Hi christo

Peter here from uk

I've been watching your vids since you started

It is only now after all these years, that I tried the inside ott method. After a few visits to the range I got it to work. The change is quite extraordinary, and I owe you a massive thank you. The clincher was the Raymond Floyd video . His perhaps more exaggerated move made it easier to visualize and copy.

I had noticed hogans hands moving out slightly some time ago, but couldn't work out how to do it. Everyone was obsessed with the club laying off, which caused me to get a bit stuck.

So there you go, another convert If you are ever over in the uk. I have a house next royal Lytham golf club

You would be most welcome to stay over. There are plenty of good courses nearby including royal Birkdale.

All the best for now and thanks again Best wishes peter

Bryan Hill

Christo!!! I have been a low 80s golfer for the past 3 years, occasionally on a good day, I may shoot in the high 70s. I've been watching your videos for the past 5 years, and when you started talking about this OTT Miracle swing I had to try it. I went to the range after work the last 3 days, and I couldn't seem to get it down, I was hitting a lot of bad shots and couldn't figure out what I was missing. On the 3rd day, I was getting a bit frustrated and decided screw it, I'm going to take this thing as far inside as I can.. and VIOLA.

It was the craziest golf experience I've ever had, all of a sudden I'm flushing every shot. Before, I was playing decent golf, but, I never felt like I could repeat my swing consistently, there were days where my swing felt foreign to me. This is so simple, and repeatable, I can't wait to try it out on the course. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Anthony Foreman

Hello Christo. Its me again. I am at Pinehurst now and have been playing terrible golf for at least 2 years since being a 4 handicap. Since my (your) revelation to get back to how I used to swing the clubs 2 weeks ago, IMMEDIATELY I am now back. I played number 2 last night i which as you know is extremely difficult. I played fantastic and won the outing, I actually felt guilty. I hit 200 yard 5 irons and everything in between. I ABSOLUTELY am thankful. "F" the inside out stuff. I'm sure folks don't understand the nuances of this move. The hips have to be opened up SO much with the inside out swing. I can't do that. I probably only missed 2 shots in 13 holes on number 2. I thank you again.


Hello Christo, had another great round tonight. This swing puts you in the position that you can feel like you can crush the ball with all your body mass. Yes its true.. That's how it used to feel to me You deserve anything you get. I just watched Wayne D. do a Calvin Peete Analysis. The straightest driver in history. Someone tell me he isn't inside up OTT. You couldn't be more correct in your info. Keep up the great work.

Kurt Matthewson

Sorry for these emails but guessing you can appreciate the euphoria I am experiencing. I just cannot thank you enough for getting me back to what I did years ago and modern swing theories kept taking me away from. The old is new again - and physics wins the day. Keep spreading the gospel to save the golfing public from the platform you have built. Again, sorry for these multiple emails. Just cannot help but yell from the mountain tops. Swing in peace

De Wethington

Bro!!! I went out a played a round after just watching your videos about the miracle OTT swing. I made 3 birdies in 1 round!!!
I've never done that in my 20 years playing golf. I've never hit my 3 wood so high, so far, so pure. I have some bugs to work out, but when done right, it feels natural and strong!!! THANK YOU!!!

Tim Castle

I just tried the OTT miracle swing this past weekend and it was awesome. I was apart of the Indiana PGA but now live south of Nashville, TN. I am a 7th degree Black Belt in TKD and Blue belt in BJJ. I’m excited about this new teaching method and would love to touch base with you to dive deeper. I think this could really help a lot of people. Thanks

Pablo Lupis

Hey Christo! What’s up man?!

First of all I’m super happy that I found your YouTube channel. I’ve just came back to golf after 16 years. I’m 37 now and I used to be a 2 handicap when I was 21 or so.

After I came back I’ve struggle a lot with my swing and golf game overall. I was pull hooking everything and really felt lost with my game. I think is mainly because my body changed so much that I just don’t have the flexibility to go back to what my swing used to be But after stumble to your channel I made a quick fix and have being doing the OTT golf swing and I’m doing so much better. I really can’t thank you enough.

Miko Ko

OK...I was a bit skeptical of the OTT because it goes against everything I know about golf swing (and everything I know about golf made for an inconsistent swing). Well, first time on the range swinging OTT and it works. I hit so many solid shots. The OTT driver swing took a little longer but it started coming around at the end of the range session. I'm a believer!


This is the greatest swing cure for me in 60yrs, I just wished I knew this long time ago. For the first time ever , I finally know now what it feels like to "Cover The Ball".

I'm crushing my drives and fully compressing my irons. I'm so happy finding your videos and I cant thank you enough and if you are ever in Tulsa would love to play some OTT golf with ya.

John McCullough

Hi Christo, I'm loving getting back to my OTT miracle swing. I'm realizing that this is the way I used to play before I went down the rabbit hole of modern instruction. I'm now 62 and this is a lot easier on my body and makes it just easier to hit the ball period.

That inside move was the first thing my "modern", "number one" German golf instructor set out to get rid of around 20 years ago. Result? First time I left single digits since I was a teenager. Took a year or two and I finally figured out a way to play with that, but it was always a struggle. Now it' seems so much easier.

I'm loving the videos showing the players and their OTT swings.

I'd like to suggest someone who, to me, has one of the best and longest lasting OTT swings. He's now 80 and still plays to a handicap of 11, and that's Old Man Pat from the GolfMates YouTube Channel. Here's a link to a video.

Glenn Pena

Hi Christo

I was able to correct my backswing. I was over rotating.

I started hitting my clubs straight and far. I had more pars and a birdie today. I was getting on the green on my 2nd shot. My buddies was impressed. LOL. Now I need to work on my putting. Strokes added really fast missing putts. LOL. Had I made them, I would of shot in the low 80’s. I’ve been in the Mid to high 90’s for a long time.


Johnny Walker

I did get a little carried away and tried to "stamp" on a few, but the ball flight way lovely...and very straight. As said...

stupidly long.

4. Short iron height (something I am definitely going to have to work with)...was stupidly high....I stll dropped a PW well over 110m but the height I was getting was really high.....stupidly high (see what I did there) :-)

In short...it was a pretty impressive session, but 50 balls and one session does not a new swing make and I did not do any work with driver or woods, which will have to wait for another day (maybe Wednesday).

A very promising beginning though and as you said in your video...it is a very simple swing thought. I kind of like not having to try and "drop in" before the downswing, which I have sometimes struggled with, due to quite a fast transition. Lifting out does feel a lot more natural. A thought did occur to me. It would be difficult to cast a club-head that is essentially already out there on purpose....so there should nothing to correct as the head can only come down the plane. Generally, a clubhead gats cast when an in-to-out swing gets stuck on the inside and the only remedy is to throw it to stop the right block. Also, I like the ball throwing analogy, but will take a bit of getting used to.

Anyway, I will not take up any more of your time. I'm 57 years old, 7 months after a hip replacement and actually felt today like I was striking that ball more like a youngster. Will keep you posted on progress. Thanks again

Chris Putney

Hi Christo,

I’m a 56 year old, fairly athletic, Podiatrist who has been playing golf since I was in my 30’s. I got my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, so my analytical mind sometimes “gets int the way” of my natural instincts with regards to golf.

My swing instruction is by far self taught with very few in person lessons. My evolution has gone through online studies of Natural Golf, Mike Austin, Dan Shauger, Jacob Bowden, Mike Dunaway, DJ Watts, Steve Pratt, Brandon for “Be Better Golf”, Tom Saguto, Christo Garcia— The Hogan Code and now my favorite is the Miracle swing. I play to a 14 Hcp, but in my mind I feel like I’m a single digit...too many years of “playing golf swing”.

I’ve had around 4 range sessions practicing the miracle swing technique. I’m loving the results so far and my body feels terrific afterwards which means I’m playing to the natural mechanics of my body. The sound and ball speed off the club-head is amazing.

I believe the intensive is what I need to fine tune the motion.

I will check my work schedule today and call you to make a reservation. I assume this in Southern California/LA County somewhere? I will be traveling from Long Beach each day.

Thanks Christo for enlightening the golf world with your knowledge. Hope to work with you soon.

Dennis Shannon

Went to the range yesterday and after about 30 minutes, the OTT started to click. It’s funny because I was really working on softening my left arm. (This was before I saw your video talking about softening the left arm). Once I stopped trying to keep my left arm so rigid, I started crushing the ball. I was amazed at how the ball was just exploding off the face, and it didn't feel as if I was applying much effort at all. Plus, I wasn't thinking 10,000 swing thoughts. I was just relaxing the left arm and letting it swing freely. It felt effortless. Pretty amazing!

Josh Bugai

Hey Christo, I wanted to take the time to write to you. I've been following your content for some years now and I've been a fan the whole time. When you started your journey with the OTT swing my curiosity was definitely peeked. I watched every video closely and listened to every word carefully. To the point where I abandoned all prior swing thoughts and took the OTT to the course with no range work. This was my first round of 18 holes for this season for me. This was the soonest the weather and my job would allow for me to get out and play. I shot a 79...first round of the year!! I'm beyond sold! Thank you so much for all the work you do!

Look forward to meeting you someday!


Yesterday I went to the range - and as you almost immediately, was dialed in. If I did mishit - I knew it was feet alignment or more typically not bringing it inside enough (left hand right pocket) before raising my elbow to release. I am getting better and developing a tempo to the shift in my hips mirroring movement of my arms/hands.

And finally - a miracle: first time in my life comfortable enough to pull out my driver and “go for it/ attack the flag”. Got into a rhythm - maybe hit 20 or so balls consecutively and towards the end all were on line/ powerful and felt good. Christo - now I can go out on the course and expect to be hitting the balls where I am aiming/ with length. Truly a wonderful feeling not worrying. In fact now I worry do I have too much club (my pitch is falling just short of my 9, my 9 is reaching close to my 7). What a change in my approach and with this confidence on both my 3 wood and driver - only NOW is course management and strategy truly something I can take into consideration before teeing off.

You should have a verification program to teach the CG- OTT miracle swing method. Other golf pros teaching the modern game need to come around to what you do. Btw - NO back pain. I do feel the lower stretch/ but it signals that I need to do flexible stretching after a round, and is not painful at all. My best golf decision of my life was to watch your channel. Best wishes.

John Ortega

I just wanted to give you an update, my first 18 holes since your lesson was amazing, first nine zero bad shots, 2nd started an old habit, but got back on track, I shot a 76, yahooooooooo, I play my cousin and his buddies on Wednesday and Thursday, playing skins. Thank you so much.

Josh Lower

I've been playing since I was 3, broke 70 at 16 , and won my state high school state championship at 18.

Played Hooters Tour for 2 years Canadian Tour for 2 and many other tours for about another 3 years. Never quite made the big show but have always been a ball striker and wish I could have been a better putter then I might have been out there making the big bucks. Anyway, I love the game but since I am left handed but play right handed I have always had trouble pulling the club through with the left side and getting stuck.

It never bothered Jack too much being left handed :), but I have never considered rerouting the club as you're suggesting. It has always been since I was 15 one piece takeaway to get extension and power. Well I am 45 now and still move it 310-315 so I don't think power is the problem.hahahah gotta love technology. Well I don't need to take you down all my ups and downs with the game.

All I know if you're on to something and I firmly believe that it's something that nobody has been talking about since the late 70's early 80's or even earlier. I wish I could go back and start hitting balls this way when I was 10....maybe I would have added to my current hole in one total of 8....hahahah what a game we play....it's amazing we ever hit the hole or the pin at all when you think about the physics. I love how you are using the leverage and physics of the body I think this is something that I could play with for a long time to come....if I win the lottery you're looping for me on the Legends Tour....just kidding I should be probably carrying your bag.

Thanks for all you do for the game and allowing me to dream of better rounds ahead. I can't believe I might actually have a chance to beat my personal best 20 years after I accomplished it. If that does happen you will be the first to know and I'm coming to an intensive.

God Bless brother...love the content...where are you going to be coming in FL in July? I might change my schedule. It would be great to talk golf.

Lawrence E Gage

Signed up, Was apprehensive to dive in and commit. After two bad range sessions back to back. Dove in

today. Wow. Add me to the list. My ball flight is extremely high though. The power I'd addictive. I'm on my way, love the reaching into pocket, and lift up thought. Then go.

Just wow!

Teressa Abbott

So once a month I go to the chiropractor. Yesterday, he said to me “I see you're not been playing golf.” I said, “Why do you say that?” He said, “everything is okay this month.” I said, “I've played a lot of golf. I've changed my swing!” Thanks, Christo

Zach Axelton

I'm hitting my irons as well or better than I ever have now that I've adopted the ott miracle swing. Driver is coming along too. I hit a three wood 250 on the fly into a par 5 yesterday and my dad said the impact sounded like Reggie Jackson hitting a baseball. Ha! I also convinced Dad to ott yesterday and he made the switch on the course and it made an immediate impact on his game.

Dave John

Hey Christo! Saw your videos on the OTT Miracle Swing this past winter. I have been working on this swing over the winter months. This swing is amazing. I have been playing golf for 59 years and never had a lesson. At my best I was 4 handicap. When I played good I never knew why and when I played bad I never knew why. There was no YouTube videos or online instruction in those days. I turned 70 yrs old 2 weeks ago and am hitting the ball great with this swing. My first 18 hole round I shot 73 with 4 birdies. I have never played this good this early in the Year. Keep those videos coming!

Nick Ames

Christo: It was like a miracle today, not sure if OTT swing. I took the club back inside around my waist below my right shoulder and finished the swing below my left shoulder. The ball exploded and drew with more force than ever. No teacher has ever taught me this and I have seen many. I was giddy and laughing. What a thrill! I love what your doing even if I am not.

Best, Nick


The more I learn about the Miracle OTT swing, the more i appreciate it. For a few years I found myself in the weeds with a desire to have a straight back takeaway. I wanted to swing like Adam Scott. All that did was disconnect my arms from my body, create a weak and choppy swing and frustrate the living daylights out of me. I almost quit the game.

Then I started to watch your recent OTT swing on both Youtube and your MSETV. All of a sudden I notice my longtime friend's swing which is a perfect representation of your new swing! I'd been watching his swing for many years, and he strikes it very well. But I couldn't get over how how different it looked versus the swing model I had in my head of what was the 'right' way to swing.

One thing I notice with the OTT miracle swing is that it immediately gets the shoulders turning. It is impossible to not make a deep, full shoulder turn with this swing. Here comes da powah! :-)

Much thanks for your discovery, for it has helped me regain the love of the game. And that is, after all, what we really want.

A million thanks!

Chad Randall

I am a new YouTube subscriber. I just found you about a week ago. Your videos gave me the confidence to embrace my natural swing motion and as a result I just beat my home course record by 3 strokes and broke 80 for the first time in years. I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your content and videos!

Franscois Marx

Hi Christo, Talk about the Magic Move, it’s ball striking on another level!

Luke Lane

Amazing stuff I’ve seen on your YouTube programs recently.

I’m a scratch/ former pro player: I’ve spent the last few years working to get rid of my inside and slightly over move. Now I realize so many did just that. I will be joining up. Thank you so much for this revelation!!

Ray Burruss

I am 84 years old and had hip replaced in February. I was not allowed to play golf again until last week. I saw your posts about the ott miracle move while recuperating and verified what you said by watching Dozens of old and young pros making their ott swings.

I played for the first time since Feb last week and with my weakened body from not playing in several months I attempted an ott miracle swing. The ball shot off like a canon straight down the fairway and at least 40 yards further than I have hit a drive in years. I repeated this over and over and if my short game had been better I would have shot in 70’s. I have played 2 more times and all of my golfing buddies are amazed at what they are seeing.

I should have also stated that I purchased your video on the ott move before I played golf again and watching it helped me to be able to use the move without a live instructor. Best money I ever spent.

I have never met you and I have not been solicited to write this. I am merely thankful that you have shared what you have learned even if it means sharing that you too had swallowed the same garbage in instruction that is being thrown out by modern day instructors. I only wish I HAD LEARNED THIS 50 YEARS AGO. THANK YOU! THANKYOU!


Jon Key


Thanks for documenting your journey in search of better golf. I have really enjoyed and benefitted from your content. I recently joined MSE TV after watching many OTT videos on Youtube.

Recently I began trying to implement the OTT move with some success.

I have been a competitive golfer for over 40 years. I played golf in college at a Division 1 program. Currently I carry a plus 1.4 handicap. I saw some of your videos about Snead, Hogan, and Jones and the OTT move.

During my warmup for round 1 of our State Senior Stroke play championship in May I tried the move and it felt solid. So I went with it and shot rounds of 78, 71, 72 and finished T18. I stayed with it during my club championship a few weeks later and shot 72, 71, 78

and won by seven shots. This past weekend I continued using OTT at a 54 hole Invitational event and shot 71, 68, 68 for a total of 3 under par and won the Senior division by 2 shots. I wanted to pass that along, say thanks for documenting and sharing your golf journey.

Best wishes, lots of fairways, greens and birdies ~ Jon

Shahrin Merican

"Hi Christo

I am Shahrin M62 i am a radiologist in KL Malaysia

Been golfing for 30 yrs . Mechanical guy not too much talent .

Been watching yr content for a while and decided i'd try out 1 months subscription .

I've been obsessed w the Snead swing for yrs now but hadn't been able to crack it.

I decided to try the new way to do the take away and

backswing that u have advised for the OTT .

I had to go deeper than i had been doing.

With that i have cracked the Snead swing.

I am eternally grateful. I was pounding drives . No back pain!

That's the Hogan and Snead backswing.

All the same Christo you have created a wonderful resource . Isn't it amazing that the old Masters did it right.

Thank you Christo. I salute you .

Dan Viccaro

I had no idea what you were talking about with the OTT then I watched a video of a guy that you were throwing the football with then I seen you move your shoulders and it clicked i immediately went back to throwing a football as I played QB then it clicked my shoulders moving over the top of my feet with a inside path and I am striking the ball now it’s indoor but the crisp hits are astounding well done Cristo and thank you so much it’s greatly appreciated I am a practicing Catholic and will put you in my Rosary tonight thanks again .

Daniel Kemlo

Gday Christo!

Just wanted to send a email to you thanking you for your videos over the years, after watching your videos I've been inspired to have my own swing Journey. After reading 5 lessons and power golf and watching your videos with Greg mchatton etc I realized that in order to play my best golf I would need to study and seek the right information for me and what works for my body.

Just by working on fundamentals and certain feels like low left finish and deliberately trying to fade the my handicap went from 18 down to 4 my next "evolution" has been working relentlessly on short game wedges and putting as I feel that's where I may be able to make up those 4 shots to become a scratch player or who knows even better.

Regardless of end number what my handicap will be since I've found golf I've found a new avenue to channel focused effort and energy and it feels good to work Towards something, regardless of the outcome.

Again, I thank you for your videos and I wish you the best in your own golfing journey and many happy rounds to come.

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